Our Core Purpose & Values

DMMG Dentists are authentic

Our Core Purpose


To provide quality care for all kids, regardless of family income, in a fun upbeat environment

Our Core Values


At our offices, we seek unique people that embody our core values. We take these values seriously and everyone from our leaders to our patient-facing staff must bring  these four simple, yet powerful, values to the office every day.  




We show kindness, warmth, and a willingness to help others. We seek to understand another’s perspective and we have the desire to ease any suffering.



We are true to our word in actions and communications. We are genuine: what you see is what you get.  Our actions lack hidden agendas and we are transparent in word and purpose.



We are skilled and have a natural desire to excel.  We strive to achieve our goals with a focus on continuous improvement.  We will pursue experience until we become masters in our role.



We put the team above ourselves. We value each of our team members as individuals but we achieve the greatest results and enjoyment by working together as a team.  We willingly sacrifice our own interests for the good of the team.

Flossie represents DMMG's corporate values

Meet Flossy! She is our Compassionate, Authentic, Talented, Team Player (C.A.T.T).  She reminds us of our core values in everything that we do.