Orthodontist Duties and Responsibilities

We look for orthodontist candidates that that are compassionate, authentic, talented and a team player and bring a love of working with primarily kids . Of course, in addition, we require the normal professional requirements for an orthodontist.

Fit Patients for Braces and Other Appliances

Check patients for their need for braces or mouthguard appliances to treat malocclusion (such as overbites), overcrowded teeth, gaps, and other conditions (such as TMJ). Apply braces and aligners to the teeth of children (and adults), create and fit retainers, and mold night guards and other appliances. Work with your team to schedule regular checkups to adjust braces and track patient progress.

Perform Diagnostic Tests

From visual inspections to digital X-rays, our orthodontists use various diagnostic tests to determine the condition of a patient’s teeth and the best treatment options. Make plaster molds of patient teeth to analyze any occlusion issues when necessary.

Create Treatment Plans and Discuss Cost Estimates

Once there is a diagnosis, communicate the best treatment options with the patient. Discuss the cost and effectiveness of each option and together with the patient decide on the best course of action. Write up treatment plans and make referrals to other professionals, such as dental surgeons, if needed.

Discuss Proper Dental Care and Hygiene with Patients

Use communication tools and verbal instructions to describe the proper care of braces as well as removable mouth guards and other dental appliances. Detail proper oral hygiene methods for the care of gum diseases and other oral problems.

What We Offer
  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical, Dental & Vision
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Realistic Path to Ownership
  • Extensive Training

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Doctor Profile:

Dr. Jennifer Garza

Being part of the DMMG network has been amazing. I am afforded the autonomy to run the All About Orthodontics, office in Southaven, Mississippi. DMMG supports my agile entrepreneurial spirit and backs me by their breadth of services and support so that I can focus on my passion of patient care.

Dr. Garza All About Ortho